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Precise targeted traffic for cryptocurrency vendors and mediators.


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Our mission:
BTC Smart Ads is a web based company providing advertising and traffic services at the edge of cryptocurrency and mass-advertising. Our goal is to provide maximum quality for lower prices.  BTC Smart Ads team consists of open minded digital nomads with more than 10 years of experience in sphere of internet technologies.  
Commissions for Bitcoin transactions do not exist or they are significantly lower than governmental fees such as taxes and other commissions added by myriads of governmental or private financial structures. So we've decided to skip the step with commissions and fees go strait to the deal. Our main point in this project is to add value to the cryptocurrency world and make it possible for retail customers who would like to participate.

What we do:
We provide your site with extremely targeted traffic. Visitors come from our network which is a unique combination of sources in various segments of web all based on cryptocurrencies. The method of traffic delivery is completely different from the rivals: it is a result of deep research and analysis of existing traffic aggregators and ad networks. We've chosen both the most effective and low-priced solutions and collected them in packs for you.

Who we are:
We are Nico, V and Hiroshi. Being nomads means that we live and work from different countries all over the world. We've already developed our project in France, Spain, Finland, Japan, Russia, China, Indonesia, Chile and Brasil and will go on.

Please feel free to ask us any questiones in the form below. 

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For all questions concerning technical support e-mail to
For business inquiries  contact us at
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Beginner Ad-Pack

Get 250 000 visits to your site in 10-12 days!

0.053 BTC*

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 Optimal     Ad-Pack  

Get 500 000 visits to your site in 12-14 days!

0.119 BTC*

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Enterprise Ad-Pack

Get 1 000 000 visits to your site in 24-26 days!

0.24 BTC*

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* Prices may change due to Bitcoin rate fluctuations. Specified prices are calculated at the rate 10 700 USD.  Please contact us in advance to get actual prices. 
** This option starts a new campaign. Please contact our support if you want to speed up your ongoing campaign.
0,25 mln  +10%
Duration: only 6 days!
Over 14 200 000 ad impressions
0,215 BTC*
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0,5 mln  +10%
Duration: only 10 days!
Over 23 800 000 ad impressions
0,384 BTC*
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1 mln  +14%
Duration: only 20 days!
Over 47 700 000 ad impressions
0,782 BTC*
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New Payment Option!
Now you can pay for our services with almost 50 different major coins using ShiftyButton by ShapeShift.
Choose your favourite Altcoin and proceed with order. Make sure to provide us with additional information in advance via e-mail ( to start your campaign immediately after payment is recieved.
Information needed:
- Campaign Title,
- Description (80 characters max),
- Banner Set (or Logo Image 200x200 px min.),
- Full URL.

Affiliate Program

Looking a new opportunity to earn more BTC?
Start earning as an affiliate with BTC Smart Ads!

Details are cooming soon.

BTC Smart Ads

Automated advertising tool for cryptocurrency users

BTC Smart Ads is an innovative tool that helps you to generate high-quality cheap website traffic. Our traffic network generates over 1 million of unique visitors and over 47 million of page impressions per campaign and is continuously growing. We provide your site with extremely targeted cryptocurrency user traffic. Choose pack from 250 000 to 1 000 000 real anti-cheat protected visits.   Our campaigns are running on resources, which are focused exclusively on cryptocurrency market. The main point in this project is to add value to the cryptocurrency world and make it possible for potential investors who would like to participate.
Our packs are suitable for:
- ICO promotions and sales improvement,
- BTC or other e-coin vendors and market mediators,
- Cloud mining companies,
- Mining equipment vendors and manufacturers,
- And everyone who need high quality traffic.

~ Preview ~

1. Apply for your campaign.
  • 1. Apply for your campaign.
  • 2. Make the payment.
  • 3. Launch your campaign.
  • 4. Explore your metrics growth.
  • 5. Get full report by the end of the campaign.
  • 6. Restart your campaign.
Update: now you can pay with wide range of crypto coins via ShapeShift!
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